The Trusts Arena, Auckland | 27th November - 1st December 2019

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NZFGS Exhibitor Information Night

  As we draw closer to the exhibitor application deadlines for the upcoming New Zealand Flower & Garden Show 2017, we want to help our prospective and current exhibitors to produce their very best work. The show offers a great opportunity to showcase your skills, talents and products. You can be a company or an ...

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May 15, 2017

Landscaping NZ

  It was great fun to be invited to attend and speak at the Landscaping New Zealand ‘Pecha Kucha’ evening last night. Pecha Kucha is a Japanese presentation format, which essentially means ‘chit chat’.  A simple description of this format, is that it is a total of 20 slides with each slide showing for just ...

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May 10, 2017

Memories from the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show

I’m not actually an Event Manager, I’m a horticulturalist born and bred.   I first became involved with flower shows at a very tender age.  Each year my cousins and I would travel to Chelsea Flower Show, on the final day before it opened to the public and if we were lucky we would be ...

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March 6, 2017

Tips for Horticulture Exhibitors

With the inaugural New Zealand Flower & Garden show looming this coming November, Horticulture Exhibition Manager Kate Hillier has picked her top 10 pieces of advice to share with garden exhibitors.   1. Your exhibit is not accepted until your design has been approved. Until NZFGS have approved your design and allocated a site for your exhibit, ...

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March 1, 2017


It has taken a few months to find a suitable new home for the flower show…. Which is why I was so excited to be sitting down with Mark Gosling the Chief Executive of The Trusts Arena to sign our new venue contract.  Waitakere will be the home of the new flower show for the ...

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February 3, 2017

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