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Tips for Horticulture Exhibitors

With the inaugural New Zealand Flower & Garden show looming this coming November, Horticulture Exhibition Manager Kate Hillier has picked her top 10 pieces of advice to share with garden exhibitors.


1. Your exhibit is not accepted until your design has been approved.
Until NZFGS have approved your design and allocated a site for your exhibit, it is not approved. There are a range of reasons why your design may still be going through the application process. If you require an update, please email our Horticulture Exhibition Manager Kate Hillier on


 2. Sometimes Simple is Best.
Particularly if this is your first time exhibiting, you do not want to over accessorise or go OTT with your plants. Keep your design simple and do it very well!

3. Think about your design from a distance.
What will the judges and visitors see as they walk up to your exhibit? What will they see from the back or sides. Think about every angle your garden could be viewed from and how to use the space to look effective from a distance. Make sure rubbish is not stored at the back of your display where it is visible to all.

4. How High?
Consider the height of your display. Will any part of your display cause a blind spot, or alternatively will you be able to see the backdrop of the exhibit? Remember that if everything is at eye level, there is nothing to draw the eye to the features of your display.


5. Plant identification is NOT compulsory, however it is recommended.
Visitors will want to know the name of at least one of the plants in your display, and unless you or a representative on your behalf is happy to chat about this with visitors, then we recommend plant identification. Labelling is fine, a list is fine, numbering them is fine; perhaps even a scanner code and app for the creative! Just make sure that it doesn’t clash or take away from your design. If you are unsure on what to do, contact us, we have plenty of suggestions!


6. Find your Hero Shot
With at least 60,000 visitors and media expected over the course of the event, there will be plenty of cameras about! You want to be sure that your design has at least one angle that will look great in photography. Incorporating mirrors in your design? Consider angling them up slightly so photographers aren’t just getting a great shot of themselves.


7. Consider Lighting
Particularly for marquee exhibits, a touch of lighting can accentuate or draw focus to the feature points of your design. In the case of an evening showing, carefully placed lighting could make your exhibit come to life!


8.Plan for Crowds
Keep your design practical. What will people be able to see beyond the first or second row? Visual impairments incorporated into the design tend to cause queues which in turn cause unrest. Consider some type of barrier to prevent visitors attempting to walk through your exhibit.

9. Whatever the Weather
Even in late November, the weather can be unpredictable. How will your exhibit withstand heavy rain or wind? Try to prepare your exhibit for these kind of factors!


10. Theme Yourself
Consider your own appearance whilst onsite with your exhibit. Do you fit the theme? Remember you want to catch the visitor’s attention!

For more information, please contact Horticulture Exhibition Manager Kate Hillier at

Kate Hillier
Event Director

March 1, 2017

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