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Memories from the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show

I’m not actually an Event Manager, I’m a horticulturalist born and bred.  

I first became involved with flower shows at a very tender age.  Each year my cousins and I would travel to Chelsea Flower Show, on the final day before it opened to the public and if we were lucky we would be allowed to dust the pathways, polish leaves etc. – we weren’t trusted with a lot at that stage!  But gradually over the years our involvement with the Hillier exhibits became more significant until we could finally claim to be real team members!


This love of garden shows gradually extended until I was exhibiting and winning awards at Ellerslie International Flower Show, before taking on the role of judge.  It is that role that has become one of my favourite parts of the flower show manager role.  I have been privileged to have been invited to judge at many international flower shows including one of my favourites the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Just the other day, up popped on my Facebook page a ‘memories’ slide from Pascal Garbe, a fellow international judge.  He had uploaded some nice (and not quite so nice) pictures from our judging at the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show.  There are some fantastic designers around the world and two of my favourites are Leon Kluge and Bayley Luutomes.  Leon’s design that year won ‘Best in Show’ and led to the invitation to take part at our inaugural New Zealand Flower and Garden Show later this year.

Anyway, as Pascal kindly has no objections, I thought I’d share some of his amazing photo’s with you….

Kate Hillier
Event Director






March 6, 2017

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