The Trusts Arena, Auckland | 27th November - 1st December 2019


The 2019 selection of exhibitor listings.


Moths & Butterflies of NZ Trust

Members of the Monarch Butterfly New Zealand Trust offen use upcycling to help in the butterfly garden, whether it is to keep children safe, reduce predator numbers or improve the soil. See how many tips you can utilise, and take away a few seeds of nectar plants for your own garden.

Site Number: UC2

My Happy Place- Harbour Rose Florist

Selected flowers and foliage in a bark container, symbolizing the natural beauty of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Site Number: PED10


New Zealand Gardens Trust

An exhibition that invites you to reminisce about your life being a gardener and visiting gardens. Learn about the best gardens to visit in New Zealand.

Site Number: CG11


NZ Tamarillo Cooperative

Our unique gourmet tamarillo products (relish, vinaigrette and jam) use a specific variety of tamarillo grown by the NZ Tamarillo Cooperative, a small group of specialist Northland orchardists. 027 262 6949  

Site Number: 22

NZFGS Plant Shop

Offering a range of plants for sale, including those exhibited in the show garden displays!

Site Number: 67


Omni Products

Manufactured since 1898. The highest quality garden tools, forged from the best steel. More than a tool. It’s an Heirloom. Guaranteed a Lifetime.

Site Number: 50


Outlook Landscapes

Sophistication and style have always been intrinsic components of my commissioned designs. So too are simplicity and practicality. These elements have also played fundamental roles in creating some of the world's most renowned designs. Just like the 1962 Fender Jaguar Guitar....our inspiration for our design exhibit at this year's New Zealand Flower and Garden Show.

Site Number: DG2

Paella Pan

Sensational European cuisine cooked using traditional pans and hot plates.

Site Number: FT7


Pam Mossman and Virginia McNeil Pottery

We are a mother daughter team working in ceramics.
Pam makes hydrangea blooms where every petal is hand created and Virginia makes unique ceramic tiki with flower halos.

Site Number: 181


Plus Gardening

The garden creates shade to reflect tranquility utilizing native plants and other plants that enjoy shade around a small decked area. Annuals and perennials provide an element of colour and sparkle in the garden. Shell pathways running through the garden will create the distinction between the two areas.

Site Number: DG8

Power Planter

The Power Planter is an attachment that goes on your cordless drill and turns it into a very effective soil digger. No more back ache!

Site Number: 111


Pure Forest Waitakere

Forest and Bird is an independent conservation organisation, giving nature a voice through campaigns and with local projects, run by volunteers at local branches: doing weeding, planting, predator control, clean ups and monitoring.

Site Number: CG8