The Trusts Arena, Auckland | 27th November - 1st December 2019


The 2019 selection of exhibitor listings.


Bear Brothers

Bear Brothers denim aprons are hardwearing and will protect your clothes when working in the kitchen and garden. Big front pockets hold twine and tools, and the straps rest comfortably on the shoulders. Some of our denim aprons feature beautiful lavender embroidery on the front, making them the ideal treat or gift.

Site Number: A4


Bee Wrapt

NZ's Original Beeswax Foodwrap. Keeps food Fresh and Delicious.

Site Number: 125


BeeGAP is New Zealand's largest supplier of unique wildlife habitats and pollination products. Ranging from the Leafcutter Bee House, Bumble Bee Nesting Box, Bumble Bee Abode and both Leafcutter Bees and Live Bumble Bee Colonies - BeeGAP has something from everyone to help increase and encourage pollination benefits to their garden.

Site Number: SA12


Bees Up Top

Jessie & Luke are beekeepers bringing bees to urban Auckland. We rescue bees from exterminators and then re-home them on the rooftops of Auckland city. Bees Up Top manages the hive for the company or the family extracts their honey for them, delivering it in beautifully labelled jars. It’s a great way to ‘eat locally’, to help save the bees and to learn about beekeeping.

Site Number: BG8

BespOak NZ

An oak cabinetry range redefining the way kitchens look, planned and installed in NZ. Designed from a range of hand-built cabinets, a kitchen can be supplied from warehouse stick in days.

Site Number: 46


Bettergrip Tools

Bettergrip tools replaced hundreds of dollars worth of Tools. From 2mm to 68mm. Fitting multiple sizes with gripping power. Locking onto nuts, bolts, and pipes. Any shape square, hex, round, damaged or burred.

Site Number: 188


Botanica World Discoveries

Botanica World Discoveries operates worldwide botanically themed tours and cruises. Enjoy visits to garden shows, iconic and private gardens as well as cultural experiences.      

Site Number: 45

Bromeliad Society of New Zealand

The Bromeliad Society of New Zealand would like to invite you to enjoy the vibrancy, colour and variety in the wonderful world of Bromeliads. Come join!

Site Number: CG3


Bruns Australasia

Where tools hang out.

Site Number: 155


Buckhorn Landscapes

Our design works with the theme of fusion of Eastern and Western courtyard culture, presenting a quiet, peaceful, creative and entertaining outdoor landscape space for users. Our work is on the strength of the basic spatial layout of the Western courtyard, which uses water, timber, lawn and cement boards to interweave in series, as well as using a variety of architectural elements to present the movement & circulation of the courtyard. The design methodology is different from the traditional one, which makes the courtyard layout more novel and the courtyard content more abundant.

Site Number: DG7

Casada Back Care Machine

The Casada Massage Chair is supplied with braintronics Technology that is best suited to your needs and provides you regulated massages in combination with a guided meditation programme to give relief to your stressed body.

Site Number: 171


Christian Jenkins Gardens

As a student of Landscape Architecture, I’ve learnt that Landscape forms us and is the foundation of all life. We are an extension of nature, from the city’s we build to the technology we foster. We are all born natural, but sometimes we disconnect ourselves from natural elements through life.

Site Number: DG9